Item of the Week: Anchor Decal

I live in a 100+ year old house, so some of the walls are plaster including the large wall in my living room. I have my couch pushed against it with end tables on both sides, and ever since I moved in the space above the couch has been empty. I can’t hang a large piece of artwork because I can’t drill into the wall. I can’t do a gallery wall because the wall is too hard to nail into. I am always on the hunt for the perfect solution, and I might have found it at (many of their products are meant for apartments, too, not just dorm rooms):

$60 -

This anchor decal is a simple solution to my plaster problem. It’s easy to get up and down, and the size (3 ft x 3.75 ft) is proportionate to the big empty wall.

The only other option I have found is this:

$4.95 -

This lightweight, chunky metal clip could be secured to the wall with heavy-duty double-sided sticky tape so I wouldn’t have to try to drill or nail into the plaster. I could space three of these out on my wall and clip 8×10 prints from would give me the flexibility to switch them out or interchange them with other prints I already have for a unique look throughout the year. I especially like the letterpress prints I’ve found on the site, like these:

$20 -

$22 -

So, what do you think? Anchor decal or clips with prints? Tell me in the comments, I need your help deciding!

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